We were very excited to host a sale at the uber hip CatStreet Gallery in Hong Kong the other day (www.catreetgallery.com) Set up by cool cat herself Mandy Darbo this is HK’s finest contemporary art gallery. While the girls couldn’t’t get enough ‘Wondaland’ (www.wondaland.co.uk) – the boys kicked back and pondered their next junk trip with an EH Weekender.

We were lucky enough the next day to put that Junk trip into action. All aboard Captain Fergie’s boat with fiancé Gemma making a carrot cake so good you’d contemplate going to Macau and putting it all on red just for one more slice. Nico was en route from Burma where he’s set up the new hot joint check out Union bar & Grill (Yangoon) https://www.facebook.com/UnionBarAndGrill?ref=ts&fref=ts

James Harrop